Our Ministers work together to spread the message of God. You can get information about them and their families below.



Mckinley Pate

Pate Family.jpg

McKinley is 43 years old and is originally from Bear Creek. Having spent most of his life in Georgia, he served as a law enforcement officer for 12 years and a city councilman for 2 years.

He is a 2013 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching.

 Stephanie is 40 and was born and raised in Georgia. She has spent her life in Pharmacy and Education.

 Micah is 21 and lives with his wife, Aline, in Georgia.

Reece is 16 and enjoys spending time with her friends. She loves volleyball and kickball. Gunner is 11 and loves video games and Legos.

Eliana is 3 and loves attention and unicorns.


YOuth & FAmily Minister

Wes Ayers

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Wes is a 2004 graduate of Rogers High School. He attended the University of North Alabama where his studies focused on Communications. He is currently attending Harding University.

Wes and Chapel were married on July 31, 2010. Pearson was born on May 25, 2011 and Chapman was born on October 15, 2014.

Wes has served the Shiloh congregation at two different times with the current work beginning in September of 2013. Chapel is a Kindergarten teacher at Rogers High School.